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    "Dahna Fearon is a pioneer who educates, empowers & establishes young men and women into understanding their purpose & destiny"


    Dahna Fearon


    Dahna Fearon is the author of the new book transition and founder of Dahna Fearon Enterprise Ltd.

    Which aims to educate, empower and establish young men and women to walk in their purpose and destiny through seminars/workshops, social media and blogs.



    Dahna Fearon started this journey to build an organisation that promotes growth and transformation – one that stands the test of time.

  • Release Me

    Release Me is a Movement which educates, empowers and establishes young men and women through the facilitation of workshops and seminars.


    Topics looked at are


    • Identity
    • Purpose 
    • Destiny
    • Living Whole- Spirit, Soul and Body 

  • Big sis Lil sis Girls club

    Educate - Empower - Establish



    Big Sis Lil Sis

    An event for young ladies aged 12-21 years of age. This project is focused on creating a safe environment for young girls to express themselves and get their questions answered by facilitating workshops and seminars to provide education and empowerment for our young girls and where mentor ship and accountability will be provided.






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    Master class & A Night of Transition

    Do you feel stuck, frustrated and stagnant? You know you have dreams but there is no context or strategy as to how to birth out what you are seeing in your dreams and visions. Have you tried everything in your own strength and nothing seems to be working out?


    The purpose of the masterclass is to take you through the many pitfalls and mountaintops of transition. Transition is not your final destination, it is only the route to your place of promise, it is the vehicle to your promised land. Join us on the 30th March and you will never be the same.


    A Night of Transition will be filled with acoustic worship session with presentations throughout the night.


    For tickets please go to our ticket section below

  • Transition Master Class




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  • Transition Master Class

    Welcome to Your Next Level to Your Place Called There

  • Destiny Moments

    Bringing inspirational topics that will educate and empower readers to live a purpose driven life

    March 8, 2019 · Empowerment,Christianity,Youth,Development,Leadership · 1
  • If you would like to invite me to your events to speak or host Transition Master Class

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